London Marathon 2013

Black Mountains run - Sunday March 3rd

On Sunday 3rd March I'm planning a run up the Black Mountains.

It will be approx. 18 miles, and is an ideal warm up for those doing this year's London Marathon. To allow people enough time to eat I would expect to meet at the Rowing Club around 9.30am.

If you're interested in tagging along email me at:


The Haven charity page

The page for our charity of the year is now active under the Charities section.

If anyone is planning any fundraising events in aid of the organisation please could you pass the information onto Alan Lewis so he may update the page. You can use the contact form on the Memberships & Contacts page.

Many thanks!

Matt's charity challenge

Click to open fileAs some of you may know Matt Taylor is running this year's London Marathon in aid of charity. Throughout the coming months he will be organising and/or participating in various events to hopefully raise £1800 through his fundraising efforts.

First up is a plan to take a group of non-runners and get them to a point where they are able to complete a 5K run. His 'Counch to 5K' programme is semi-reliant on word of mouth, so if anyone knows somebody who has considered entering an event please pass Matt details onto them. The attached flyer provides the necessary details (click the pic on the left).

Click to open fileNext up is his 'Onesie' Quiz Night at the Rowing Club. Tickets will be £10, and the soiree will take place on February 22nd at 7pm. Onesie attire is optional! Once again click the pic (this time on the right) for full details.

As and when his other fundraising events are set in stone they will be posted within the Charities section on the website.

London Marathon 2013 Club Draw

You've been waiting anxiously 6 months only to be faced with Elvis staring up at you with a big 'Sorry' printed across the London Marathon magazine. Now what are supposed to do next April, you ask?...

Well have no fear as all is not lost!!!

On Monday, December 1st the club will have its annual draw for the London Marathon places that we receive. So if you've received a rejection slip now is the time to let Matt Taylor know that you wish to be considered for the draw (or use the Contact page form to notify Alan Lewis). The only stipulations are:


  1. You have been a member of the club for a year or more
  2. You did not receive a place through the club draw last year
  3. You have a rejection slip / magazine from the marathon organisers

So, get those notifications in and start preparing for one of the marque events in the athletics calendar.