London Marathon 2013 Club Draw

You've been waiting anxiously 6 months only to be faced with Elvis staring up at you with a big 'Sorry' printed across the London Marathon magazine. Now what are supposed to do next April, you ask?...

Well have no fear as all is not lost!!!

On Monday, December 1st the club will have its annual draw for the London Marathon places that we receive. So if you've received a rejection slip now is the time to let Matt Taylor know that you wish to be considered for the draw (or use the Contact page form to notify Alan Lewis). The only stipulations are:


  1. You have been a member of the club for a year or more
  2. You did not receive a place through the club draw last year
  3. You have a rejection slip / magazine from the marathon organisers

So, get those notifications in and start preparing for one of the marque events in the athletics calendar.