Gords 6

John and Becki Secure Victory in Inaugral Gord’s 6 Fownhope Run (UPDATED: with Results)

Click to download Gords 6 resultsThe Gord’s 6 is run in memory of Gordon Clements one of the founder members of Wye Valley Runners and every year all the proceeds are donated to a local charity and this year the charity selected is Hereford Haven Breast Cancer.

John Pullen won the men’s race in an impressive time of 43mins particularly given the hot conditions. Matt James  of Hereford Couriers was just 17 seconds behind in second place with Jeremy Jehan of Wye Valley Runners taking third position.

The race location for 2013 was moved to the Fownhope Caplor course and  the runners found this to be an  absolute gem with breathtaking  picturesque scenery. The race started  from the Leisure Park  across the fields then along the river Wye to Caplor Hill routing up to Caplor fort & farm then back along the fields to Fownhope. The course presents some challenging climbs and just to add to the difficulty fate intervened to provide one of the hottest evenings we have seen for years .

Becki Davies of Wye Valley Runners  had another good run winning the ladies race and finishing in 7th place overall in a time of 52.19, Lynne Compton and Jan Edwards also of Wye Valley Runners finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Wye Valley Runners secured the men’s and ladies team awards. The winning men were John Pullen, Jeremy Jehan and Mike Fawcett. The winning ladies were Becki Davies, Lynne Compton and Jan Edwards.

Wye Valley Runners wish to thank Paul Bouston and Ian Matthews for their many hours of hard work mapping out this course and the many marshals, helpers and especially the runners who braved the hot conditions.  We would also  like to thank Kath and Bernice for yet again providing delicious cakes and Fran Clements for presenting the prizes.

Category Prizes:

Men’s: 1. John Pullen (Wye Valley Runners) 43.00; 2. Matt James ( Hereford Couriers) 43.17; 3. Jeremy Jehan (Wye Valley Runners) 45.50; V/40 Jeremy Jehan(Wye Valley Runners) 45.50; V/45 John Pullen (Wye Valley Runners) 43.00; V/50 Paddy Nugent (Wye Valley Runners) 54.11; V/55 Peter Carwardine (Hereford Couriers) 52.55; V/60 Mike Shaw (Wye Valley Runners) 55.49; V/65 Peter Smith (Wye Valley Runners) 65.03:

Ladies: 1. Becki Davies (Wye Valley Runners) 52.19; 2. Lynne Compton (Wye Valley Runners) 61.32; 3. Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 66.41; FV 45 Lynne Compton (Wye Valley Runners) 61.32; FV55 Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 66.41; FV 65 Christine Motteram ( Wye Valley Runners) 72.50

Gords 6 2013 entry form

Click to download the Gords 6 entry formHot off the press comes the entry form for Gords 6 2013.

As most of you already know their is a new venue and course for this year's event. As with the Summer 10K there will be a dedicated page shortly, but until then the form will be downloadable here.

Hopefully by the time the race rolls round we may actually have seen the sun!