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Super 8 series after 10 races

Click to download Super 8 standingsWith 3 races remaining the winner of both the ladies and mens competition have already been decided, so the only second and third are now up for grabs.

Becky Davies has so far scored 399 points from a possible 400 maximum! ... Meanwhile, John Pullen has an unassailable 397. Congratualtions to both runners.

Only a handful of runners have completed 8 races to date, but expect the list to grow over the next couple of events.

John and Becki Secure Victory in Inaugral Gord’s 6 Fownhope Run (UPDATED: with Results)

Click to download Gords 6 resultsThe Gord’s 6 is run in memory of Gordon Clements one of the founder members of Wye Valley Runners and every year all the proceeds are donated to a local charity and this year the charity selected is Hereford Haven Breast Cancer.

John Pullen won the men’s race in an impressive time of 43mins particularly given the hot conditions. Matt James  of Hereford Couriers was just 17 seconds behind in second place with Jeremy Jehan of Wye Valley Runners taking third position.

The race location for 2013 was moved to the Fownhope Caplor course and  the runners found this to be an  absolute gem with breathtaking  picturesque scenery. The race started  from the Leisure Park  across the fields then along the river Wye to Caplor Hill routing up to Caplor fort & farm then back along the fields to Fownhope. The course presents some challenging climbs and just to add to the difficulty fate intervened to provide one of the hottest evenings we have seen for years .

Becki Davies of Wye Valley Runners  had another good run winning the ladies race and finishing in 7th place overall in a time of 52.19, Lynne Compton and Jan Edwards also of Wye Valley Runners finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Wye Valley Runners secured the men’s and ladies team awards. The winning men were John Pullen, Jeremy Jehan and Mike Fawcett. The winning ladies were Becki Davies, Lynne Compton and Jan Edwards.

Wye Valley Runners wish to thank Paul Bouston and Ian Matthews for their many hours of hard work mapping out this course and the many marshals, helpers and especially the runners who braved the hot conditions.  We would also  like to thank Kath and Bernice for yet again providing delicious cakes and Fran Clements for presenting the prizes.

Category Prizes:

Men’s: 1. John Pullen (Wye Valley Runners) 43.00; 2. Matt James ( Hereford Couriers) 43.17; 3. Jeremy Jehan (Wye Valley Runners) 45.50; V/40 Jeremy Jehan(Wye Valley Runners) 45.50; V/45 John Pullen (Wye Valley Runners) 43.00; V/50 Paddy Nugent (Wye Valley Runners) 54.11; V/55 Peter Carwardine (Hereford Couriers) 52.55; V/60 Mike Shaw (Wye Valley Runners) 55.49; V/65 Peter Smith (Wye Valley Runners) 65.03:

Ladies: 1. Becki Davies (Wye Valley Runners) 52.19; 2. Lynne Compton (Wye Valley Runners) 61.32; 3. Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 66.41; FV 45 Lynne Compton (Wye Valley Runners) 61.32; FV55 Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 66.41; FV 65 Christine Motteram ( Wye Valley Runners) 72.50

Super 8 standings after Race 8

Click to download latest Super 8 series standingSo now the competition starts for real...

From this point forward your best 8 results will count towards your final total. Unfortunately only one person has thus far completed 8 races... so congraulations to Nicky Tyler, you win the prize for most dedicated racer.

After Kinnersley the placings are identical but points wise much tighter. Becky Davies once again scored the max 50 points in the ladies, leaving her trailing Nicky by 31 points but with a race in hand. Jan Edwards holds the third spot but Laura Tootell is quick making up the gap.

The men's competition sees John Pullen in his customary position of first. Steven Flowers rich vein of form has earned second spot, while Craig's continue consistency places him in third.

...but all this is irrelevant unless you complete at least 8 races so we expect to see you all next Wednesday at Westhope, after which we should have a few more contenders entering the frey. 

Darren's Dash is upon us.. are you ready for the beast?

Click to visit event pageThere are only a few days to go until Darren's Dash 2013.

To call it a testing little run would be an understatement, and those who persevere will certainly know they've been for a run!... this race is a must if you have never done it before.

Entry on the day is available, and hopefully the weather will brighten for the weekend... and, as is usual for races in Herefordshire, the post run cake makes it all worth while. 

Click the pic to visit the event page, and download your entry form now.

Super 8 series after Race 6

Click to download current placingsOnly two more races to go before the totals start to count for real!.....

In the meantime there's been a lot of movement after a week of The Magic Roundabout and the Aconbury XC.

Sitting a top the leaderboard in the ladies is Nikki Tyler who has, to date, amassed a total of 283 points. Closing in after a couple of superb performances is Becky Davies. Three straight 50 point scores have put her on 248 points. In the final placing spot is Laura Tootell on 242 points. Consistant scoring will certainly see her in the mix come the final stages of the competition.

In the mens event Luke Mason still leads on 248 points. However, John Pullen has closed the gap to just 1 point. These two will most likely face off for first and second respectively... or could a dark horse crash the party? In third is Craig Rees with 231 points. If he can continue to perform consistantly bronze could well be in his grasp.

Next up.... Darren's Dash... this one will sort the pack out!!

Super 8 series after 4 races

Now we get down to business.....

Over the next few weeks the races will be coming thick and fast, and this will see the possibility of largeClick to download current positions changes to the current positions.

Currently Nikki Tyler heads the ladies competition with 187 points. Hot on her heels is the ever present Lynne Compton (176 points) for whom the term consistency seems most apt. The final podium spot is occupied by Becky Davies (148 points) who considerably boosted her score with third place overall at yesterday's Crocodile 8.

Meanwhile, Luke Mason continues to dominate the mens competition at the moment. Dropping only 1 point over the first four races sits him comfortably in firts place. Hedd Jones (158 points) and Craig Rees (150 points) complete the top 3. Strong and steady performances have given them well deserved placings over the first four events.

Up next... The Magic Roundabout on Sunday, and a race that I highly recommend if you've never entered it before.

Catch you next weekend with the latest Super 8 update.  

Super 8 series after 3 races (UPDATED)

Click to download the fileOk, it took a while as I had to check through manually for the Wye Valley members who were missing an entry under club, but I think everyone is now accounted for... until I hear differently!!

Obviously the point situation has changed slightly but the current placings are as per my previous post.

This time I've also included a breakdown of each members scoring for the three races to date.


Super 8 series after 3 races

Click to download the current positionsIt's early days in the Super 8 series but the deluge of races in the next few weeks will shape the competition ahead.

In the mens division Luke Mason's early season form has seen him collect maximum points from each of the 3 races to date. Meanwhile, consistant running from Hedd Jones and Craig Rees sees them occupying second and third respectively.

Nikki Tyler has laid down the challenge in the ladies competition, dropping only 10 points over the first events. Lynne Compton is close behind in second place, but expect Kathryn King, currently third, to mount a serious assault over the next couple of races.

Next up... Crocodile 8!

Update: It appears that some members were not listed as Wye Valley so I have missed them from the results. I will have to go through the full results and pull out our runners manually. Please bare with me as this may take a while but I will issue an update asap. Cheers, Alan

Super 8 series (after 2 races)

Click to download the current standingsI must apologise for the delay in posting this update... The old memory seems to be going!

It's early days but the races will come thick and fast as we push into, what we hope, is a much less wet summer than 2012!!

Next up will be the Hereford Half Marathon on Sunday. As usual, a large contingent of Wye Valley are expected to take part so let's hope for perfect conditions......

Wye Valley May Day 10K results

The inaugural midweek 'running' of the Mayday 10k has been completed, and here, hot of the press, are the results.

An unexpectedly large field of runners turned out in perfect conditions for an early summer evening.

Click to download Mayday 10K resultsLeading from the outset, Kyran Hale of Severn A.C. was first across the line in a time of 34:05. Richard White from Halesowen A.C. and Luke Mason of Wye Valley finished in 34:30 and 34:40 respectively. 

In the ladies competition Kathryn King (in a time of 41:03), running for the hosts, continue her excellent season completing the course more than two minutes ahead of her nearest rival, Daneen Hughes who came through in 43:40. Hereford Tri Club's Kylie Mansfield rounded out the podium placings with a time of 44:02.

In the team prize hosts Wye Valley picked up both trophies. Wine o'clock for those members tonight!

Check back soon for the second update of the Summer series competition.

Frosty 5 series - The Final Ranking

Click to download the Frosty 5 resultsThe final race in the Frosty 5 series has been run so without further ado here are the final rankings.


The top 3 places in this keenly contested competition have stayed the same for all the later races, although the point difference shrank significantly once the best best 5 results were taken into account. So, congratualtions are due to:

  1. Mike Fawcett (250 points)
  2. John Pullen (246 points)
  3. Adam Michmiok (242 points)


In a similar vein the ladies table has seen the same 3 competitors atop the tree for the last few races. Only 1 point separated first and second place, and third place only a further 5 behind. The ladies finished as thus:

  1. Jane Rowlands (246)
  2. Kathryn King (245)
  3. Sandrine Gorin (240)

So, after a (very) long, hard winter the final results are in. Click the pic above to download full details.

Congratulations to all our winners, and don't forget the the Summer series is already under way. No rest for the wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Gords 6 2013 entry form

Click to download the Gords 6 entry formHot off the press comes the entry form for Gords 6 2013.

As most of you already know their is a new venue and course for this year's event. As with the Summer 10K there will be a dedicated page shortly, but until then the form will be downloadable here.

Hopefully by the time the race rolls round we may actually have seen the sun!

Darren's Dash 2013

Click to download Darren's Dash 2013 entry formFor any of you who fancy a slightly tougher XC event than normal Darren's Dash will take place on Sunday 16th June.

Having run this last year I think the term 'testing' may be applied the event. So, if you fancy something a little different download the entry form and book your place now as competitors are limited to 100.

Frosty Winter 5 update (after 8 races)

Click the image to download the fileWhat are the scores on the doors?!....

Almost at the finish line now, only two races remain for competitors to improve on their totals. The Eastnor Magnificent 7 and Shobdon offer an excellent opportunity to really gather some extra points, so get you entries in now.

As it stands the top of the mens leaderboard remains identical to the last race as none of the leaders ran in the Muddy Woody. However, Kathryn King's superb display earning her 25 points and second place in the series.

Both competitions will certainly go down to the wire.