Presteigne XC Race details

Date: 24/02/2019
Venue: Forestry carpark off Broadaxe road
Time: 10:45 (Juniors, Ladies & Super Veterans) 11:00 (All other Senior men)
Parking: Please don’t park in the forestry carpark, leave this for essential event vehicles and the general public. There are plenty of spaces at the locations marked on the map

The route:
10:45 start time route is 4.4mls (approx) with 600ft of climb over hard packed fire tracks, forestry paths & technical wooded sections with some surface mud/water

11:00 start time route is 6.8mls (approx) with 1100ft climb over hard packed fire tracks, forestry paths & technical wooded sections with some surface mud/water. The route would be described as challenging and not suitable for novice runners. There is a muddy scramble up a short steep climb and a drag of 240ft in a little over quarter of a mile (Killer Climb).

Runners Etiquette:
Every precaution has been taken to ensure this event is as safe as possible, however due to the nature of ‘off road’ running some incidents may occur. Safety is always the responsibility of the individual. No runner should act in a way that puts themselves or others in danger. Any runner found acting in a dangerous manner will be disqualified. As an entrant in this event, you accept a care of duty to yourself and other runners. If you find another runner in difficulty is your responsibility to offer assistance. This may be helping them walk to the nearest Marshal or to run onto the next Marshal and inform them of the incident. If you are unable to finish the race for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact the nearest Marshal and inform them of your withdrawal and also report to the Race officials at the finish area. You must listen to and obey instruction given by Race Officials and Marshals at any time during the event, failure to do so will result in disqualification. Although this is a competitive event and everyone wants to win, give way to faster runners. Any runner found intentionally slowing down other runners will be disqualified. Leave no sign that you were ever here! If you have gels or a drink, please take the empties home with you, if a water station is provided please use the nearby bin. The marshals are here for your safety, not to clear up your mess. All the event staff, Marshals, time keepers & first aiders are volunteers, so thank them because without them you wouldn’t be here.

Showers: Available at the Leisure Centre (there is a £2.00 Charge payable at the Leisure Centre) Note: no dirty shoes inside the centre please