Muddy Woody Results

I would like to thank all you for supporting and participating in a fantastic race, I am sure those grimaces were smiles of appreciation for a beautiful challenging course around the muddiest and hilliest parts of Haugh Woods.

A huge thank you must also go out to the organisers who have spent hours of there time either arranging the course, out there marshalling or part of the admin team and even arranging the weather so that this would be one of the muddiest Muddy Woody races yet.

Well done to everyone who completed todays races in very tough conditions, todays clear winner and winning back the Muddy Woody trophy was Eliot Taylor from Hereford Couriers who led from the start to finish and finished ahead of fellow Courier Matt James. Mike Pfeiffer of Brecon AC still showing the young lads how it is done finished a strong 3rd before racing off down Newport to compete in the Gwent League.

The ladies race was won by Danca Machackova of Wye Valley Runners who is continuing her good run of form with a great time 1 minute ahead of next placed Vikki Thompson of Haldon Trail Runners. Laura Tootell of Wye Valley Runners with a great run finished 3rd.

Both team prizes this year were picked up Wye Valley Runners, The mens team consisted of Steven Flowers, Liam Grice and the legend Mike Fawcett. The female team consisted of Race Winner Danca Machackova, Laura Tootell and Nicola Emerson.

Heres a complete breakdown of the age categories.

Open Male

  1. Eliot Taylor 0:42:32
  2. Matt James 0:44:16
  3. Mike Pfeiffer 0:44:41

Open Female

  1. Danca Machackova 0:50:54
  2. Vikki Thompson 0:51:53
  3. Laura Tootell 0:55:02

Female Vet 35

  1. Kate Owen 0:57:33

Male Vet 40

  1. Dan Sandford 0:46:12

Female Vet 40

  1. Nicola Emerson 0:56:48

Male Vet 45

  1. Ian Whistance 0:48:40

Female Vet 45

  1. Shelia Lammas 0:57:41

Male Vet 50

  1. Mike Fawcett 0:47:22

Female Vet 50

  1. Sherryl Hall 1:05:25

Male Vet 55

  1. Jonathan Sage 1:00:30

Female Vet 55

  1. Tina Lavelle 1:20:16

Male Vet 60

  1. Tony Champken 1:02:03

Female Vet 60

  1. Jan Edwards 1:09:46

Male Vet 65

  1. Ashley Robinson 0:56:18

Male Vet 70

  1. Brian Symonds 1:13:28

Junior Male

  1. Jasper Robinson 0:54:40

Junior Female

  1. Deanna Radley Moore

1st Male Team - Wye Valley Runners

  1. Steven Flowers
  2. Liam Grice
  3. Mike Fawcett

1st Female Team - Wye Valley Runners

  1. Danca Machackova
  2. Laura Tootell
  3. Nicola Emerson

This year the Jim Grey was to be awarded to the first Wye Valley Male Vet 40 Peter Flynn

The Wye Valley Shield which is awarded to the first Wye Valley Runner home was awarded to Steven Flowers

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