Fforest Fields Cross Country Results

Tremendous start to the XC season with Wye Valley Men's team taking top slot and the women's team taking 2nd position. Fantastic run by Clare Alison - first woman home in a time of 49.27 with Danca Machackova breathing down her neck in third place. Christian and  Mike led the mens team home to victory with a very fast time from Christian of 42.26. A great turnout from the club.

Womens and Mens club results below - full results click here


1Clare AlisonWye Valley RunnersFV4049.27

3Danca MachackovaWye Valley RunnersS.F.50.44

15Jane HaydeWye Valley RunnersS.F.57.43

20Cath WatkinsWye Valley RunnersFV3558.20

23Lynne ComptonWye Valley RunnersFV5059.56

26Lara HarleyWye Valley RunnersS.F.60.59

27Ann PritchardWye Valley RunnersFV5061.04

36Jan EdwardsWye Valley RunnersFV6062.22

41Billy SmallwoodWye Valley RunnersFV5064.13

51Becky HumphreysWye Valley RunnersS.F.68.19

53Sian ChampkenWye Valley RunnersFV4568.33

and the blokes:

6Christian JonesWye Valley RunnersMV4542.26

10Mike FawcettWye Valley RunnersMV5044.17

13Liam GriceWye Valley RunnersS.M.45.09

14Dan LewisWye Valley RunnersMV4045.13

15Steve FlowersWye Valley RunnersS.M.45.22

16Peter FlynnWye Valley RunnersMV4545.47

28Ian WhistanceWye Valley RunnersMV4547.53

37Ward LinneyWye Valley RunnersS.M.49.24

47Shaun HoyesWye Valley RunnersMV5552.26

58Alec HoskinsWye Valley RunnersMV4054.46

61Paddy NugentWye Valley RunnersMV5555.34

72Michael SmallwoodWye Valley RunnersMV5057.47

74Malcolm EdwardsWye Valley RunnersMV4558.22

80Tony ChampkenWye Valley RunnersMV6059.11

81Nigel JonesWye Valley RunnersMV5559.21

95Simon OliverWye Valley RunnersMV5061.05

100Ralph LloydWye Valley RunnersMV5562.41

104Dave SherwoodWye Valley RunnersMV6063.48

106Brian SymondsWye Valley RunnersMV7564.16

109Bill GriffithsWye Valley RunnersMV6567.53

113Jeremy FormbyWye Valley RunnersMV4571.19

116Peter SmithWye Valley RunnersMV6577.27