Frostbite 5 Handicap Series : Race 1 Scores

The early pacemakers in the handicap series are:

Men: 1. Mike Fawcett, 2 John Pullen 3. Paddy Nugent

Ladies: Kathryn King, 2. Paula McGiven, 3. Sandrine Gorin

Frostbite 5 Handicap Series Race 1 Scores 

Selected races are all the Herefordshire Winter League Cross Countries, Mortimer Forest 10, New Years 10k, Muddy Woody 6, Eastnor 7 & Shobdon 6. Club handicaps will be applied to the actual race result and once the handicap results are known 50 pts will be awarded for the first Wye Valley man and lady, 49 for 2nd etc. You only need to complete 5 of the 10 races to qualify, this allows for the fact that a lot of club members will be involved in marshaling and organising 3 of these races. Your 5 best scores will count.

In order to keep things as fair and simple as possible club handicaps are based on 2012 10K’S : NYD, Summer 10k, Swansea Bay and Time Trial performances or your result in first or second XC of the Winter Series.

Thanks to Alan Lewis for all his work on the spreadsheet, no easy task.

Wye Valley Runners