Club Runs

On Monday the Committee discussed club runs. In order to make sure that we cater for the widest possible range of abilities, we have decided that we will revert to Monday being a run for all, with faster runners looping back for the slower ones. We will also hope to incorporate some shorter runs for newer runners, who may not yet be able to run more than 5 miles comfortably. We will need volunteers to run with the slower people on these shorter runs. We are going to try to formalise this by having a rota, so that nobody feels obliged to do this every week Names to Jan Edwards please.

On Wednesdays we will offer alternatives to the usual club run. There will be a track session on most Wednesdays unless there are mid week races and Peter, Phil and Ian will be organising some low key speedwork sessions, as they have been trialling in recent weeks. Watch out for details on the website and members Facebook page. If the Connect my Club app proves successful, we will use that to keep members informed of the upcoming sessions

There is also the option to join the Ghost Runners, who meet at 6.30 on a Monday evening at the track, or on Widemarsh Common. I believe there is a small charge to pay for the track.

Over the summer months, we want to put on a number of alternative runs, where we go out of Hereford for a change of scenery. If anyone wants to organise one of these, let one of the Committee know.