Race Directors needed

As you all know, a great deal of work is required to put on any race and as a club, we organise, annually 2 road races, 2 off-road races and 2 cross country league races. The role of Race Director is key to the organisation of each race. Although there is a group of committee members and others who help with the pre-race organisation and many more who help on the day, the Race Director is the person who leads the team. The Race Directors for 2 of our major races, Muddy Woody (Dave Sherwood) and New Years Day 10k (Paddy Nugent), have indicated that they want a break and will not be race directors in 2020. We also need someone for the Summer cross country at Queenswood. We are therefore asking for people to come forward to take on these roles. There are plenty of experienced people around who will help you and we have a helpful checklist for each race. What we are looking for is people with good organisational and leadership skills. Please consider whether you could take this on, as it is unlikely that we will be able to put on either the NYD or Muddy Woody next year, without a willing volunteer. Names as usual to one of the committee, or speak to me if you want to know more about what is involved.

Race Director.jpg