Stage 7 report - Cotswold Way Relay


A lot of us needed to go for a warm up on Saturday. Why DID we do that , in 25 deg plus heaven only knows . But we did anyway. One or two brief circuits of Dursley dodging shoppers and tourists then all trying to find shade in the trees opposite the Old Spot Inn . After several trips to this location in recent years I really must try and go for a pint in there as it looks like a grand little pub . 

Some off the faces amongst the other runners seem vaguely familiar and there is the odd nod and smile of recognition which always occurs at this event and makes it all seem very friendly. 

After the usual chat from our organiser about safety and looking after our selves and fellow runners , more important than normal in this heat , we are off . 

Now as anyone who has started this little adventure will be aware that all stages begun on a gradient of some kind . 

This one is a pig , but as usual when you top out the views are worth the hard work and there follows a couple of undulating miles over the golf course in and out of the woods . 

Passing bemused golfers with mutual looks of “   Why are you doing that ?” One chap had to wait quite a while to tee off as we all filed over the green with cries of “ Thank you “ 

This year we had opposition in the form of some 100k eventers heading North , and once more politeness was the order of the day as we passed . 

The dip and climb around Nibley are quiet technical in places with a very sharp right hander on the way up to the monument , once again as you come out from the trees the view awaits and doesn’t disappoint. 

After this is about the only place where geographical embarrassment nearly occurred as I headed into the trees the track splits into 3 so a brief stop was necessary to look for a yellow acorn . Finding only a blue one I carried on . It was the right way so be aware . 

The drop down into W u E is fast , tricky and good fun too and when you drop onto the road  in the town turn left and carry straight on , don’t  follow the CW sign through the town as I did . 

I cannot recommend this event highly enough to anyone, it is a great long term aim for your running and if you are not a strong map reader , don’t worry it is generally well signed . 

Do you need to recce your stage ? 

Recommend, I suppose , but I’ve got away with it . SO FAR . 

Massive thanks to Commander Jan for sorting us all out . AGAIN . 

Congratulations to Kevin Artus as first WVR to complete all 10 stages .

See you next year .