Super 10 Races

With the first 2 races of the Super 10 just around the corner with the Hereford 5k 1st Race on Wednesday and Gords 6 on Sunday. It is probablya good time to confirm the races for the series so you can work the into your busy schedule. There will probably be 1 more race added to the list as 19 is an odd number.

The rules for the series are more or less the same. 50 points awarded to the first female and male wye valley runner home with 1 less point awarded to for every subsequent runner. We will total up your 10 best scores at the end of the series.

This year however there will be a slight change. Points will be awarded to Marshal for the 4 Wye Valley Races and there will also be an age handicap worked out as well so everyone has a chance of winning.

1. Couriers 5km race 1 - 5th April
2. Gords 6 - 9th April
3. Shobdon 6 - 15th May
4. Hereford Half - 14th May
5. Crocodile 8 - 28th May
6. Man v Horse - 10th June
7. The Magic Roundabout - 11th June
8. Malvern Joggers 10km - 14th June
9. Westhope XC - 14th June
10. Darrens Dash - 17th June
11. High Vinnals XC - 28th June
12. Fan Y Big - 8th July
13. Abbeydore XC - 12th July
14. Shobdon XC - 26th July
15. Wye Valley 10km - Date TBC
16. Big Dipper 10km - Date TBC
17. Breinton 10M - Date TBC
18. 1 mile track - Date TBC
19. Hereford Park Run - Date TBC