Wye Valley Runners overseas trip 2016

It’s time to decide where our next adventure will be. From informal discussions, Valencia seems to be a distinct possibility (Stevens 26 marathons in alphabetical order having been long abandoned!) The date has now been confirmed as November 20th and there is a full marathon and a 10k. It should still be pretty warm in November and flights are just starting to be advertised and look relatively cheap. An initial trawl of hotels suggests that we should be able to get good value accommodation as well, but we probably need to decide on Valencia and get booked, because it is a big race and hotels will get booked up. Also the prices for the races increase the nearer you get to the race date.

For the uninitiated, this is either an opportunity to race abroad on a PB course, or a good social event with a fun run thrown in, depending on your outlook. If you haven’t been on a Wye Valley overseas trip before, you will certainly enjoy yourselves.

The web site address, which is in badly translated English, is here:


If you’re interested, can you let Steven or myself know and I can then do a bit more investigation of flights/ hotels etc.

Martin Flowers