Super 8 series after 4 races

Now we get down to business.....

Over the next few weeks the races will be coming thick and fast, and this will see the possibility of largeClick to download current positions changes to the current positions.

Currently Nikki Tyler heads the ladies competition with 187 points. Hot on her heels is the ever present Lynne Compton (176 points) for whom the term consistency seems most apt. The final podium spot is occupied by Becky Davies (148 points) who considerably boosted her score with third place overall at yesterday's Crocodile 8.

Meanwhile, Luke Mason continues to dominate the mens competition at the moment. Dropping only 1 point over the first four races sits him comfortably in firts place. Hedd Jones (158 points) and Craig Rees (150 points) complete the top 3. Strong and steady performances have given them well deserved placings over the first four events.

Up next... The Magic Roundabout on Sunday, and a race that I highly recommend if you've never entered it before.

Catch you next weekend with the latest Super 8 update.