11:00 AM11:00

Marcle Ridge Run

This will see the return of the Boxing Day Marcle Ridge Run. The perfect chance to test out any new gear or run off those mince pies.

This is a hilly 9 mile route which climbs up to the big antenna overlooking the Malvern Hills. It is very important we get run leaders for this. I will lead one of the groups, other volunteers will be needed to ensure this is a success.


Group Leader 1: Steven Flowers

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6:00 PM18:00

Club Run

The club run will be Westfaling street in REVERSE

The alternate speed session will be led by Hereford Tri club starting at 6.30 on the Athletics Track:

Tri Club Session 1

(To be done at race pace for 10km or half marathon)

Warm up including drills
5 x (4 mins at race pace, 1 min slow jog/walk recovery, 1 min build moving smoothly up to race pace)
Cool down including ease down from last rep
Total 45/50 mins

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