Pace Chart Explained

There has been some confusion over what the difference pace terms, I hope this will clear this up

  • Race Pace - This is your targeted race pace for whatever distance the plan is designed for. For example if we are doing 400 metre reps at your 5k race pace. You look at the chart for your targeted 5K time, you then work your way across the line to the 400 metre column and that is the time you should try and achieve for your reps.
  • Tempo Race - This is usually run about 30 seconds slower than your targeted 10k race pace and is usually sustained for at least 3 miles. If you are training for longer distances then use that race but increase the distance of the tempo run.
  • Easy Run - This is also called a recovery run and is run at a much slower pace, this is to enable your body to recover from either a race or hard session. During this run you should be able to easily talk.
  • Strides - Strides are an accelerating movement of no more than 100 metres, where you start off at a jog and work up to about 95% of your max speed. Remember to stay relaxed, concentrate on your form and you should only be running fast for a few seconds.