The Super 10 is a Wye Valley Runners only competition. 20 races have been selected from local races or highly recommended ones. You will be awarded points for your finishing position within the club. 50 points will be awarded for the first male and female, then 1 point less for every position after that. You will then be ranked according to your best 10 positions.

This year has seen the inclusion of 2 races with multiple distances Man Vs Horse and Hereford Duathlon. In these instances the positions will be worked out for the full distance first then the shorter distance.

The full list of races are;

Couriers 5km race 1 - 6th April

Hereford Duathlon - 10th April

Gords 6 - 17th April

Hereford Half - 8th May

Wye Valley 10km - 27th July

Darrens Dash - 18th June

The Magic Roundabout - 12th June

Shobdon 6 - 15th May

Malvern Joggers 10km - 8th June

Breinton 10M - 4th September

Crocodile 8 - 29th May

Abbeydore XC - 1st June

Westhope XC - 22nd June

High Vinnals XC - 6th July 

Shobdon XC - 20th July

Man v Horse - 11th June

Big Dipper 10km

1 mile track

Offa’s Dyke - 19th June

Fan Y Big - 10th July