FUN Duathlon

FUN Duathlon Results

Well, the weather held for the duration of the event and I think we can safely say that all those involved had a most enjoyable morning.

Strain and stress were not on the agenda as our very relaxed group of competitors took on a 5 mile run followed by a 10 mile bike ride. Gentlemanly agreements were in effect as four entrants crossed the line together to collect their delicious biscuits, supplied by the very talented Becky Davies.

Click the pic on the left to 'embiggen' the results, and the picture on the right for the Flickr feed.

And now a word from our sponsor:

Many thanks to Alan Lewis and Gavin Jones for minding the bikes and timekeeping today. Also to Becky and Lucy for supplying home baked biscuits and mince pies which were quickly devoured at the finish line.
The weather was brilliant for this event and I've had good feedback from everyone that participated, Photo shows us all in good spirits at the start line with just a 5 mile run and 10 mile bike ride separating us from said tempting biscuits and mince pies. Photo album will shortly be posted on Wye Valley Web Site flickr link.

Alan will kindly post event results. Just need to put finishing touches to my fancy dress costume for Wed night!!