Breinton 10 Mile Road Race Q&A's

Q. Will there be a water station? A Yes the water station will be positioned by entrance to Breinton Village Hall and will be available for runners to use at 2.5 and 7.5miles.
Q. Which side of the road do we use on A438? A. Police have directed that we use the LHS avoiding the need to cross the road. There will be marshals and caution runner signs on this short stretch of road during the race.
Q. Why can we enter the main race on the day of the race but not the County Championships(CC) A. This allows us to allocate a specific series of numbers to male and female CC entries and makes it easier for us to determine cup and medal winners on race day without the need to set up separate registration areas for CC and non CC entrants. If you do enter the CC Wye Valley Runners pay the entry fee.