WVR Website editor(s) required

Evening everyone

I will shortly (October) be heading to pastures new, and will need to pass the updating of the website over to one, or more, interested parties.

Depending on the links, formating, etc. you decide to use for a post each item would take between 5-20 mins to upload. On top of this you would be required to answer mails submitted through the contact form on the website. The time to answer these is obviously dependent on the request but for standard answers you can use a template answer, so I'd estimate 2-10 mins per email.

For those with experience of websites, and who would be interested in maintaining the architecture, a more substantial period of time is required, but is once again dependent on requirements of the page. This would also depend on the software package you have to edit photos so they can be used on the webpages.

If you are interested in one or more of these jobs please could you send a message via the contact form on the 'Membership & Contacts' page.

Many Thanks