Super 8 standings after Race 8

Click to download latest Super 8 series standingSo now the competition starts for real...

From this point forward your best 8 results will count towards your final total. Unfortunately only one person has thus far completed 8 races... so congraulations to Nicky Tyler, you win the prize for most dedicated racer.

After Kinnersley the placings are identical but points wise much tighter. Becky Davies once again scored the max 50 points in the ladies, leaving her trailing Nicky by 31 points but with a race in hand. Jan Edwards holds the third spot but Laura Tootell is quick making up the gap.

The men's competition sees John Pullen in his customary position of first. Steven Flowers rich vein of form has earned second spot, while Craig's continue consistency places him in third.

...but all this is irrelevant unless you complete at least 8 races so we expect to see you all next Wednesday at Westhope, after which we should have a few more contenders entering the frey.