Apologies from Simon :(

A message from Simon Oliver:

Please could you put an apology on the club site from me over the lack of an alternative run on Monday.

First of all I had it in my diary as some one else's night. The main reason I did not come down was I had had a bit of an adventure in The Black Mountains over the Wend with my dog (Archie ) , who decided to go off on his own little adventure on Saturday lunchtime and was not back in harness till Sunday afternoon .

I walked something like 30k with family and friends trying to find him. I don't know if you are a pet person but the anxiety this created was considerable.

Thank you and see you soon.

Yes Simon, I think there are a few of us who can relate to the anxiety that our furry little friends can cause!!! However, he's back safe and sound, and that's what matters.....