Wye Valley Handicap Stakes Results

Based on your feedback it seems that the Wye Valley Handicap Stakes was a great success. There was a lot of speculation on the tow path as to who would finish first. Sheridan and Michelle held onto their  lead all the way to the tow path. Sheridan who suffered a bad knee injury at Dinedor last year which she thought had ended her running career managed to find a finishing spurt to take first place. Sandrine Gorin continues to put in strong performances finishing 3rd lady overall.

C hris Head shattered his pb to win the men’s race. Andrew Blackman  put in a great performance to finish second and Mark Killeen madCe significant progress through the field to finish 3rd.

 There were many good performances on the night with the majority of runners improving on their Summer 10 k times which is a little surprising as you would think that times would be better in a normal race situation.

There was a 7 min spread between the first and last runner and just 3 min’s  separated the last 17 runners.

Results are displayed in finishing order, Summer 10k times where available are shown in  brackets:

1.Sheridan Butterfield  57.18 (63.03); 2.Michelle Williams 57.23; 3. Chris Head 44.53; 4. Andrew Blackman 45.46; 5. Mark Killeen 42.54;, 6. Paul Kemp 44.03 (45.30); 7. Antony Evans  48.17; 8. Craig Rees 43.46 (44.56) ;9. Steven Flowers 38.49 (39.52); 10. Sam Clark 44.15 ;11. Kevin Artus 41.21 (42.09) ;12.Sandrine Gorin 45.28(45.32); 13. Ralph Lloyd 47.28 ;14. Laura Tootell 44.44 (45.07); 15 Diane Rowlands 53.45 (54.16) ;16 Tristan Edwards 47.53 (47.38); 17 Ward Linney 41.57 (42.16) ;;18 Jan Edwards 49.10 (49.15); 19. Lynne Compton 49.23 (49.50) ;20. Jamie Griffiths 42.25 ;, 21 Nikki Tyler 46.27 (45.37);, 22 Paula Ferris 49.57; 23 Greg Wood 37.11 (36.21)

Photos have been posted on flickr just click the link provided on the web site. I’m not sure I like the new format but you can access the pictures by clicking on Chris Heads photo top left.