Wye Valley Handicap Stakes - Start Times

Here are the runners n riders for the inaugral Wye Valley Handicap Stakes. There's a box of chocolates for the first lady finisher thats if Les n I don't eat them first and a bottle of wine for the first male finisher. We have a number of volunteers to help with directions. If you are not sure of the course there's also a map with directions on the web site and we will also do a quick review before starting the race.
Start Times: 6.30 - Sheridan Butterfield, Michelle Williams; 6.39 –Harry Franklin, Diane Rowlands, 6.43 - Antony Evans, Brian Symonds 6.44 Lynne Compton, Jan Edwards, Paula Ferris, Dana Machackova 6.45 Chris Head, Annie Ransome, Mick Hackman, Ralph Lloyd, Tristan Edwards, Andrew Blackman, 6.47 Nikki Tyler, Sandrine Gorin, Paul Kemp, 6.48 Laura Tootell, Craig Rees, Mark Killeen, 6.50 Lea Wood, 6.51 Kevin Artus, Ward Linney, Jamie Griffiths , 6.53 Steven Flowers, 6.57 Greg Wood, 6.58 Luke Mason.