Club Handicap Race: Runners Info

We have 27 runners signed up for the club handicap race on Wed 22nd May which exceeds all our expectations as this is our first attempt at a race of this nature.
We are sure you will enjoy this fun event and it will certainly be interesting to see how the race finishes.
We will allocate each runner a race number on the night so please try to bring safety pins. Numbers will be in start order , first person away will be allocated number 1 etc.
The course is same as Summer 10k and we have some volunteers to direct you as you go around but the course will not be fully marshalled so if you are uncertain about the route take this opportunity to study the course beforehand. It's an easy course to follow ref attached route map.
The race will start in Belvedere Lane. Turn left and follow the road through to the Warham T junction. Turn right at the junction and follow the road to the next junction at Broomy Hill. Turn left here there is a sign pointing to Upper Breinton and the village hall. Continue along this road and turn left at the junction signed Breinton Church, Lower Breinton and Warham. Just follow the road around and turn right at the Warham T juction. Follow this road back to the finish turning right into Belvedere Lane.