Frosty 5 series - The Final Ranking

Click to download the Frosty 5 resultsThe final race in the Frosty 5 series has been run so without further ado here are the final rankings.


The top 3 places in this keenly contested competition have stayed the same for all the later races, although the point difference shrank significantly once the best best 5 results were taken into account. So, congratualtions are due to:

  1. Mike Fawcett (250 points)
  2. John Pullen (246 points)
  3. Adam Michmiok (242 points)


In a similar vein the ladies table has seen the same 3 competitors atop the tree for the last few races. Only 1 point separated first and second place, and third place only a further 5 behind. The ladies finished as thus:

  1. Jane Rowlands (246)
  2. Kathryn King (245)
  3. Sandrine Gorin (240)

So, after a (very) long, hard winter the final results are in. Click the pic above to download full details.

Congratulations to all our winners, and don't forget the the Summer series is already under way. No rest for the wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!