Waterproofs Required for 30th Anniv Race

Yes tomorrow will see the 30th running of the New Years 10k. Do we know of anyone that's run all the races or whose run the most? Any feedback you can give on this will be appreciated.
Wet and windy conditions are in prospect but based on the latest flood warnings the race is still on and will only be cancelled if we are unable to access the Rowing Club. We will continue to monitor conditions and will advise of any changes.
See earlier posts for parking and registration instructions.
If the towpath is not flooded we will use the usual MCAA measured course. If the towpath is flooded we will start and finish on the Great Western Way using a Garmin Watch measured course not ratified by MCAA.
Wye Valley Runners would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year and a good race in spite of the adverse conditions.