Thanks to You : A poem from our lady runners

We seem to have a large number of lady runners joining the club this Autumn.Whilst trawling through the web site archives getting ready for the switch to the new all singing and dancing site I came across this poem submitted by Carol and Gill last year which may provide you all with some inspiration.

Thanks to you!

It started off on a whim,

It was cheaper than going to the gym.


A new year’s resolution we said,
Walked through the gate full of dread.


Smiling faces was all that we saw,
Believed we would like it for sure.


The first run was so tough,
Had we thought it through enough?


The day after we could not move,
We felt so battered and bruised.


Give it one more try, we’ll live through it,
So returned with a fighting spirit.


You encouraged us, you trained us,
You helped us, you raised us,


Short strides is what constantly runs in our heads,
When we feel like giving up instead.


It picks us up to carry on,
Even when it feels so long.


Now we are fitter and healthier than before,
We thought a proper race should be in store.


Signed up for Swansea very excited,
With our times recorded we were so delighted,


The meal was lovely, the atmosphere electric,
The coach surprisingly comfy, the showers pathetic.


The experience so far has been a real ball,
Thank you to one and all.

Love from Gillian & Carol. XX