Club nights

Now we are based at the Rugby Club, we are implementing a few changes. Mondays and Wednesdays will continue to be predominantly a club run for all. On alternate Wednesdays (from September 11th onwards), we will book the track for speedwork, rather than every week There will be other non-track based sessions, as an option on the other Wednesdays. At least once per month, we will have an alternative session, such as a handicap or relay, for the whole club to be involved. Phil Butler will be in overall charge of the programme of activities and will publish details on the website initially, although we will be testing out a new running app shortly as well. He will be supported by the other 3 qualified Leaders in Running Fitness, Ian Sockett, Peter Nugent and myself. We would like other members to put themselves forward as Run Leaders, as we need to spread the load a bit, rather than rely on the same people every week. This does not mean that you have to physically lead the run. As you know, Phil and I can barely run at all these days. You just need to help to come up with suitable routes, take charge of the group in terms of outlining where we are going and gather up points etc but most importantly, making sure that everyone is looked after on the run, particularly our newer recruits. If we get enough volunteers, we can have an informal rota and it won't be too onerous.

Names to any of the Committee please.