Cotswold Way Relay - report number one

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Again we gathered 3 teams of keen athletes for this years epic event. A few last minute injuries were unfortunate but we had a trustworthy supply of reserves on hand, notably Dan Lewis, Lara Seal Paul Bouston, thanks to all!

Thanks to Paul too for advising on teams and general help with admin. Thanks to Brian for just being there and doing most of the driving on the day!

Ricardo was set for stage 1 but had a last minute call to work which I discovered when we were up at 4 am to get to the start.  Fortunately Brian and Ricardo were able to swap and although he ended up running a much longer distance, Brian was grateful for cooler temperatures! Ricardo ran in the heat of stage 9 after a morning pulling teeth!

We got to Chipping Campden in plenty of time for our 7am start but I didn’t realise the race started at the church and not at the start of the Cotswold we had good warm up run!!

Subsequently everything went to plan, everyone pulled together and helped with transport which is such a big part of teamwork in this event. Tony and Sian were very helpful and supportive, Billy and Michael helped Jo, Peter Flynn was there too with transport.

Paul Davies got the ‘Naughty Boys’ organised  which is a huge achievement, thanks!

Cath Watkins deserves a special mention too for transport and being there all the way to Bath then driving home late, you are a star!


We had  7 Cotswold Relay  ‘virgin’ newcomers this year, Dan Lewis James Vidler,  Steve Bedford, Billy Smallwood, Jo Ellis, Lara Seal and Sian Champken. Well done all of you, the ones I saw on the day were all smiling .

We have some fantastic photos all over Facebook to mark the occasion.

The temperatures soared as the day went on, the organisers added 10 minutes to the cut off times which added to the problems they already had with overheated laptops etc. Peter Flynn recorded a temperature of 34 degrees and the tarmac melted under my feet at the Dog Inn Old Sodbury. The cider shandy was good there though !

Special mention to Kevin Artus who is the first Wye Valley Runner to complete 10 stages, he had a brilliant run and there was a crowd at the finish to cheer him in. Harry had made a beautiful bespoke carved trophy to mark the achievement and we presented it at the finish. We called it the first ‘Ten of Ten’ award.

Quick shower and change and then we were off out to celebrate.

There was a lovely group of 16  in Bath and Paul Bouston had booked a good meal at the Salamander.

Thereafter there were 2 groups, Pubbers and Clubbers and a few stories to tell the next morning at breakfast in the YMCA.

Just want to add that there was also an early jog at 07.30. Simon  Oliver wanted to recce the route in Bath for his 10th stage next year so Me Brian Bill and Malcolm took to the streets with Simon.


Full Cotswold Way Relay results are on our website/Facebook.


This event not about winning but all about teamwork, all pulling together as a club and helping and supporting each other.The extreme weather conditions this year were tough but actually it makes you realise what membership of Wye Valley Runners is all about.



Thanks to all involved, hope you all return next year.

Jan Edwards

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