Alternative Run- Monday 16th July


Start at The Bell Tillington

This is a map of the long route.

Just after mile 2 at the top of a set of about 25 steps you come onto a  forest track. The long route goes right as on the map. There is a shortcut just after mile 3 which  goes left and leads steep and a bit overgrown to the top.The long route goes right and down to the road through a farm.Left at the road and then left again and up a long long hill,look out at about mile 5 as you head left thru a gate for the top.

Into the woods and turn left

Long route need to look out along the top path in the woods as there is a fork just before mile 6 and you need to go right on a steady downhill.


Shorter route turns left at the top of the steps just after mile 2. Head up to the top path and will meet the long route at the start of their descent.