Super Ten 2016 - a ten step guide

For a few years now we have been  running a summer club championship. For new members and old members with fading memories here's how it works:

  1. The much admired and good looking committee choose a selection of races over the summer period and invite club members to race as many as they can. This year we have chosen 19. There is still time to influence the chosen races if you bribe committee members with beer.
  2. Club members get points for their position in the race. So first women home from WVR gets 50 points, second 49 and so on - everyone gets a point. Same for the men.
  3. To qualify for the championship you must complete a minimum of 10 races - any 10 from 19 .
  4. It doesn't matter which ones you race - as long as you have a go.
  5. It also doesn't matter whether you finish front, back or middle of pack - you can compete against club mates of similar ability as the season develops.
  6. Its free to enter
  7. There is no paperwork or entry system - just turn up and run.
  8. One plea - when entering race always use the same name(i.e David consistently - not Dave one race, David another and DJ another) - otherwise it makes Steven's life a complete misery trying to track down who has finished where. I know making Steve's life a misery is attractive to many - but in this case please do what you can to help
  9. The 19 chosen races are:Gords 6 / Hereford Half / Wye Val 10km / Couriers 5km race 1 / Darrens Dash / Magic Roundabout / Malvern Joggers 10km / Breinton 10M / Crocodile 8 / Abbeydore XC / Kinnersley XC / Westhope XC / Shobdon XC / Man v Horse / Big Dipper 10km / 1 mile track / Offa’s Dyke / Fan Y Big / Hereford Duathlon. 
  10. If you have any questions just ask a cleverly disguised committee member. They are the ones in the running gear.