Stacey and Kathryn Win Spring 10k

Stacey Morgan of Croft Ambrey secured victory in the Wye Valley Runners organised Spring 10k in a time 0f 36.29.  Steven Flowers of Wye Valley Runners held of strong challenge from  Sam Mayglothing of Croft Ambrey  to obtain second place in a time of 37.00. Sam’s finishing time was 37.08.

Wye Valley Runners secured the first 4 places in the ladies race. Kathryn King stormed to victory in a personal best time of 39.03. Laura Tootell put in another strong performance to secure second place in 43.25.  Gintare Gaiga fought off a strong challenge from club mate Danca Machackova to secure third place in a time of 43.38.

Wye Valley Runners secured both men’s and ladies team awards. The winning men’s team were Steven Flowers, Greg Wood and Robert Williams while the winning ladies team were Kathryn King, Laura Tootell and Gintare Gaiga.

The refreshments stall raised £40 for Wye Valley Runners charity of the year Midlands Air Ambulance.

Wye Valley Runners wish to thank all the runners and the very many volunteers whose help ensures a successful event.

The next Wye Valley Runners organised race will be the Breinton 10 Mile Road Race on September 6th.

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Men: 1. Stacey Morgan(Croft Ambrey)36.29; 2.Steven Flowers(Wye Valley Runners)37.00; 3. Sam Mayglothling(Croft Ambrey)37.08 ; MV40 Stacey Morgan (Croft Ambrey)36.29; MV45 Russell James (Hereford Couriers) 37.31; MV50 Richard Hughes (Hereford Couriers) 37.40: MV55 Anthony Champken (Wye Valley Runners) 44.33; MV60 Gerald Gobey (Wye Valley Runners) 48.50: MV65 Robin Bereza (Wye Valley Runners) 46.13; MV70 Brian Symonds (Wye Valley Runners) 53.58.

Ladies; 1. Kathryn King (Wye Valley Runners) 39.03; 2. Laura Tootell (Wye Valley Runners) 43.25; 3. Gintare Gaiga ( Wye Valley Runners) 43.38; FV35 Kathryn King (Wye Valley Runners) 39.03; FV40 Maria Miles (Wye Valley Runners) 45.57; FV45 Johanne Morgan – Rolfe (Unattached) 45.05: FV50 Nikki Childs (Wye Valley Runners) 46.13; FV55 Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 50.49.