Fforest Fields Cross Country Results

Pictured are the 37 club members who braved the crossing over the border to take on the  first race of the winter series. The large turnout from established club members and a great spread of  new runners ensured Wye Valley grabbed victory in the women's and men's race. Huge congratulations to Gintare Gaigaliene for taking the winning slot in the women's race with Daneen Hughes, Becky Davies and Jo Merry ensuring WVR victory. In the men's Tim Davies of Maldwyn continues to utterly dominate the front but WVR strength in the leading pack ensured team victory. Christian Jones led for us stalked by Jeremy Jehan with fast improving Liam Grice just 20 seconds  ahead of Mike Fawcett. A fab start to the season - Croft Castle next - standby! Full results here. Our thanks Mike Blenkinsop and Builth Club for their hard work and hospitality