Zurich Marathon - April 28th 2019

That's marathon number 11 and the letter Z ticked off on my alphabet quest. Not my quickest time as the time started to slip away in the last 10k but it was my 3rd so I'm back in the right ball park with a 2:48:00 (my watch said I went under and ran 26.4 miles) but finished 41st in a big city marathon.
The course and conditions were perfect nice and cool and the swiss turned off the sprinklers almost as soon as the race started. We did a little loop of the city before the 10k runners peeled off and left the marathon to head off down the lake as part of an out and back. There are barely any climbs worth mentioning, the only cruel part was at 24 miles when you are within sight of the finish line it send you up into the city for a mile before heading back in a serious dick tease moment but overall a race I highly recommend.
Even got myself on swiss TV and a shoutout wearing the wye valley runners vest loud and proud