Weston Super Half

After last years cancellation due to the beast from the east, i wanted to give this race a try again this year.

The first year it has been held under new organisation, this half marathon started at 10:15 am on the seafront in beautiful sunshine which was in complete contrast to last year. The first thing to say was that the organisation was top notch. There was timed areas for everyone to start in, these unfortunately were not enforced and as the race gets bigger this is something they may need to look into. There also looked like there may have been a shortage in toilets but having a hotel room 300 metres from the start line didnt affect me either.

The race started on time and led us around a little 2 mile loop to bring us back to the start which was obviously a way of making up the distance. After this it led us onto the beach for 3/4 of a mile, which is great on holiday but not when you are chasing a time, we then proceeded out of Weston heading up away from the coastline slightly which had a series of sharpish climbs before looping back round to do another 3/4 of a mile on the beach to take us back on to the Weston promenade back to where we started completing a 7 mile loop before heading the other way up the sea front. We got some fantastic support for the 2-3 miles along the sea front before tackling a climb heading out, keeping that in the back of my mind knowing that at the end of this loop it would be a fast downhill finish back into the promenade before finishing on the Weston pier, and they even removed the turn styles for us.

I asked about the bit on the beach and they said that was only because of road works which will make this a quicker course.

Overall i enjoyed my race, i ran a 1:18;23 finishing 6th, i know there is quicker courses out there but not many offer fish and chips on the beach afterwards.