Ludlow 10K

Saturday evening when most people are knocking back a few cold beverages 3 of us put our evening to a more productive use with a little trip out Ludlow Castle where we ended up participating in a 10k race which can only be described as not flat.

This is the 2nd year this race has taken place and the first time it was a 10k race after last years slight mix up which meant we got an extra 2k free of charge, they definitely got closer to the money this time round.

Many of you who have taken part in the Storm the Castle duathlon will be familiar with this route. This is a 2 lap course on closed roads starting at Ludlow Castle, you head off at a gallop through the high street as the locals come staggering out of there local watering holes to see what all the fuss is about before joining in the vigorous cheering, you then head out on the quickest part of the course thinking you could be on for a pb here before you remember you are in Ludlow. After a rolling climbs about 1.5 miles you are met with an off road section aptly called the lactic ladder, which are like mini croc 8 steps to take you up around the woods with a few technical to test the road runners who switch off and don't look where there going, you end up coming out at about the same place to then head straight into yet another climb called "the wall" which is one of the steep hills back into Ludlow town where you finish your first lap just in time for the locals to have replenished there refreshments and cheer you on your way for the second lap to repeat it all over again.

The race picked up a bad reputation last year for getting the distance wrong, but this is still a great race. There is a fantastic atmosphere around the town with brilliant local support. You are never going to set  a quick time here but that doesn't detract away from the enjoyment of the occasion.

I was delighted to have picked up 3rd place in a time of 36:54, Peter Nugent made it into the top 10 finishing 9th in a time of 39:42 and James Vidler was 62nd in a time of 47:43