Cardiff half marathon - Sunday 7th September 2018

Its the second biggest half marathon after the Great North Run.The weather was cool at first but the sun emerged and it was perfect conditions.There were big crowds all the way round and a fantastic atmosphere.
We had a good Wye Valley turnout but it was tricky getting everyone together for photos.Our first boy home was Steve Flowers, with Peter Nugent not too far behind and Paul Davies (AKA Dad) was 3rd! Clare Sims was our first girl across the line and Cath Watkins next,with Lucy Mason close on her heels, first time at Cardiff for Lucy.
Brian Symonds won his age category again, by a very wide margin.
Thanks to Jason Smith for his support on the day and the Nugent family too.Good to see Lucy Smith competing again !
The times of our runners and some associated athletes are as follows :

Steve Flowers 1:20:11

Peter Nugent 1:29:05

Paul Davies 1:33:09

Clare Sims 1:34:06

Shaun Hoyes 1:40:27

Cath Watkins 1:41:37

Lucy Mason 1:44:00

Paddy Nugent 1:44:14

James Vidler 1:45:04

Jan Edwards 1:51:23
Ann Pritchard 1:53:07
Brian Symonds 1:54:25
Debi Clifford 1:58:45
Lucy Smith 2:06:25
Hollie Francis 2:06:31
Robert Vidler 2:20:53
Chris Walden 2:43:31

Well done all !

Race report courtesy of Jan Edwards