Reservoir Roundabout - Elan Valley

The Fell section off the Club ended up in Elan Valley this morning before it even got light!!! (Hard as nails them Fell boys!!??) to do a long distance walking event (not so hard as nails!!).

Having never heard of this event two days ago - the reservoir roundabout has been going since 1967 and is either a 13 mile or 20 mile trail around the dams.

Mike “feeling a bit soft before the spine” Fawcett did the 13 miler - unfortunately never saw him after the start so can not comment on how his last run before next weeks spine race went.

The rest, Dan Lewis, Jim Masters and myself where on the twenty mile route and had managed to take a wrong turn on the extremely well marked course within the first mile. This meant following “pole man” for the next five miles - as we guessed he was local and knew where to go..

The course round around the outside of various dams before rising sharply up and over the top to a stretch of open moorland. At this point the bitting cold wind picked up and the snow come Hail started to fall..

Luckily we dropped down before frost bite to the first aid station- a cup of tea and a hot dog - which was very welcome.

At this stage we had caught Pole man and used his superior nav to get us round the next couple of miles. All the dams where full and the water falling was a wonderful sight.

After a another tea stop - this walking thing is very social!!

The hard work then started as a long grind up hill to the top and seven miles on top across moorland to follow..

Soon the three of us where descending after each one had fallen in a bog at some point.

The welcome return of the visitors centre with lunch and hot drink awaited so after 20.3 miles and 3 hours 37 we where back - the first of the twenty milers !!

Mention also to Sue Sherwood who was walking the 20.

A lovely event well marked and organised made for a great training long run (will keep Coach Flowers happy!!??)

Report courtesy of Jeremy Jehan