Muddy Woody 6 - Sunday 11th February 2018

Pugh takes control to Seal Victory in Woodland Race

Jonathan Pugh of Builth & District Running Club held off a strong challenge from Matthew James of Hereford Couriers to secure the win in the 22nd running of the Muddy Woody 6.
Brecon Athletic Club’s Mike Pfeiffer, a very consistent podium position finisher secured third place.
Jessica Bennett of Lordshill Runners was a very convincing winners of the Ladies Race with former winner Laura Tootell of Wye Valley Runners second and fellow club member Clare Sims third..
Wye Valley Runners secured victory in both the men’s and ladies team events. Wye Valley’s winning men’s team were Christian Jones, Mike Fawcett and Andy Moxon . The winning ladies were Laura Tootell, Clare Sims and Juliet Moxon.
The Wye Valley Runners Shield was awarded to Christian Jones with the Jim Gray trophy going to Juliet Moxon.
The race organized by Wye Valley Runners was run over a challenging woodland trail course with the 283 finishers contending with exceptionally cold and muddy conditions.
Wye Valley Runners donated £2 of each entry to Hope Support Services and collected additional donations at the refreshments stall.
Wye Valley Runners would like to thank all the runners, marshals and race sponsors for making this a successful event. A presentation was also made to John & Merle Hancock in appreciation of their continued support and use of facilities.

Men’s Results: 1. Jonathan Pugh (Builth & District Running Club) 41.13 ; 2. Matthew James (Hereford Couriers) 41.46 3. Mike Pfeiffer (Brecon Athletic Club) 43.37
Junior Jasper Robinson ( Croft Ambrey) 55.31 ; V/40 Danny Axford (Headington RR) 44.55; V/45 Christian Jones (Wye Valley Runners) 44.46; V/50 Mike Pfeiffer (Brecon Athletic Club) 43.37; V/55 Tim Taylor (Hereford Couriers) 48.10; V/60 Steve Bedford (Wye Valley Runners) 62.49; V/65 Ashley Robinson (Croft Ambrey AC) 56.45; V/70 David Hibbert (Worcester AC) 65.43; V/75 Brian Symonds ( Wye Valley Runners) 70.10
Ladies Results: 1.Jessica Bennett (Lordshill Road Runners) 48.28; 2. Laura Tootell (Wye Valley Runners) 52.14; 3.Clare Sims (Wye Valley Runners) 54.01
Junior Aderyn Carter (Hay Hotfooters) 61.33; V/35 Holly Gourley ( Ledbury & District Harriers) 54.36; V/40 Laura Tootell (Wye Valley Runners) 52.14; V/45 Victoria Jones (Cock Moors Ladies) 57.51; V/50 Lorraine Bunn (Unattached) 55.42; V/55 Liz Davies-Ward (Hereford Triathlon Club) 69.43; V/60 Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 67.19

Race report courtesy of Mike Shaw

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Midlands Cross Country Championships - Saturday January 27th 2018

On a wet and miserable Saturday morning, 5 Wye Valley Runners (4 actual runners and 1 chauffeur), gathered to make the long trip up to Nottingham for the Midlands XC Championships. After 1 false start (Chairman forgot his phone) we were on the way. Only 1 brief coffee stop (making sure that we didn't lose Peter Nugent) and we arrived at Wollaton Park in good time. Grudgingly paying the £3 to park in a muddy field resembling the Battle of the Somme, it was then off to pick up numbers and chips etc, As the new club marquees hadn't yet been commissioned, the Chairman blagged some space in the tent of one of his former clubs (thanks to Burton AC), although the weather had improved since we left Hereford.

The course was testing as usual at Wollaton, with one particularly boggy section, but great for spectators. Clare Sims was our only lady runner and put in a good performance in probably her first cross country race of this standard, finishing an excellent 69th (out of 250) in 38.02. The men also performed well with Sam Mayglothling first home just sneaking into the first 100 in 99th place and a time of 49.01. Steven Flowers was next in 126th place and a time of 50.54. Gallantly chasing down Steven all the way in 138th came Peter Nugent in 51.33. The men just avoided the indignity of being lapped by the leaders, despite finishing well up the field of 473 finishers. For comparison the winners time was 40.09 for the 12k distance. So a bit of a rude awakening to real competition, but I'm sure they will all be back for more after this taster. It was disappointing that we couldn't field full teams in the mens or ladies races, but maybe next year?

Next up (after the last league race) Parliament Hill Fields for the Nationals.


Midlands XC 1.jpg
Midlands XC 2.jpg

Reservoir Roundabout - Elan Valley

The Fell section off the Club ended up in Elan Valley this morning before it even got light!!! (Hard as nails them Fell boys!!??) to do a long distance walking event (not so hard as nails!!).

Having never heard of this event two days ago - the reservoir roundabout has been going since 1967 and is either a 13 mile or 20 mile trail around the dams.

Mike “feeling a bit soft before the spine” Fawcett did the 13 miler - unfortunately never saw him after the start so can not comment on how his last run before next weeks spine race went.

The rest, Dan Lewis, Jim Masters and myself where on the twenty mile route and had managed to take a wrong turn on the extremely well marked course within the first mile. This meant following “pole man” for the next five miles - as we guessed he was local and knew where to go..

The course round around the outside of various dams before rising sharply up and over the top to a stretch of open moorland. At this point the bitting cold wind picked up and the snow come Hail started to fall..

Luckily we dropped down before frost bite to the first aid station- a cup of tea and a hot dog - which was very welcome.

At this stage we had caught Pole man and used his superior nav to get us round the next couple of miles. All the dams where full and the water falling was a wonderful sight.

After a another tea stop - this walking thing is very social!!

The hard work then started as a long grind up hill to the top and seven miles on top across moorland to follow..

Soon the three of us where descending after each one had fallen in a bog at some point.

The welcome return of the visitors centre with lunch and hot drink awaited so after 20.3 miles and 3 hours 37 we where back - the first of the twenty milers !!

Mention also to Sue Sherwood who was walking the 20.

A lovely event well marked and organised made for a great training long run (will keep Coach Flowers happy!!??)

Report courtesy of Jeremy Jehan


New Years Day 10k

Dominant Performance by Cheltenham Harriers at New Years 10k
Rhys Park of Cheltenham and County Harriers recorded a new course record time of 31.50 for the New Years 10k course starting on the Great Western Way. Clara Evans of Cardiff AC secured a convincing victory in the ladies race for the third year running with a finishing time of 38.29.
Cheltenham and County Harriers dominated the race securing 5 of the top 6 places with Dan Owen second in 33.21 closely followed by third place Daniel King finishing in 33.38.
Roxanne Jones of Hereford Couriers was second in the ladies race in 41.27 finishing just 3 seconds ahead of former winner Myshola Kirkham of Coventry Godiva Harriers.
The men’s team award went to Rhys Park, Dan Owen and Daniel King of Cheltenham & County Harriers with the ladies team award carried off by Hereford Couriers trio Roxanne Jones, Naomi Prosser and Sheryl Evans.
This was the 34th running of the event organized by Wye Valley Runners. Fortunately the heavy morning rain subsided in just enough time for the race to be run in dry and near perfect conditions. There was a good turnout with 196 race finishers.
Wye Valley Runners wish to thank all the runners and the many marshals and helpers whose hard work makes this race possible. Special thanks is also extended to Hereford Rowing Club for use of their facilities.
Men’s Awards: 1. Rhys Park Cheltenham and County Harriers) 31.50; 2. Dan Owen (Cheltenham and County Harriers) 33.21, 3. Daniel King (Cheltenham and County Harriers) 33.38
V/40 Jamie Shingler (Ludlow Runners) 37.00; V/45 Barry Reynolds (Hereford Couriers) 33.51; V/50 Richie Richards (Hereford Couriers) 40.07; V/55 Berry Clifford (Ledbury & District Harriers) 38.45; V/60 Paul Millsom (Vegan Runners) 44.00; V/65 Mike Shaw (Wye Valley Runners) 48.24; V/70 Andy Houghton (Madsat Raft Team) 48.23.
Ladies Awards: 1.Clara Evans (Cardiff AC) 38.29; 2. Roxanne Jones (Hereford Couriers) 41.27; 3.Myshola Kirkham (Coventry Godiva Harriers) 41.30;
V/35 Myshola Kirkham ( Coventry Godiva Harriers) 41.30; V/40 Claire Sims (Wye Valley Runners) 41.52; V/45 Ruth Johnston (Madsat Raft Team) 46.40; V/50 Ann Pritchard (Wye Valley Runners) 49.28; V/55 Nicola Turvey (Croft Ambrey AC)49.07; V/60 Jan Edwards (Wye Valley Runners) 51.16; V/65 Liz Bowers ( Croft Ambrey AC) 47.24;

Courtesy of Mike Shaw


7 Sins

The 7 Sins is fast becoming a bit of a annual tradition as some Wye Valley Runners try and work off 1 particular sin, that being Gluttony of course. This year however only myself and Jeremy Jehan decided to burn off the extra mince pies and chocolate from the Christmas festivities.

For those of you who haven't partaken in this event. The 7 sins is set in the darkest depths of the Forest of Dean where you can be greeted with a friendly high 6. It consists of 7 miles and 7 hills adding up to over 1300 feet of climbing. This year we had the added benefit of thawing snow which turned it into a mud bath which put even the likes of Muddy Woody to shame. Time to raise the bar in February I think. 

As a bonus if you manage to complete this course in under 60 minutes you get a Sub 60 t shirt as a reward. Such was our confidence at achieving this, neither of relied on this as a change of warm clothing.

There is very little time to get into stride here, After running 400 metres on the trail you get to hit Hill 1 which will keep going until you pretty much hit the first mile pointer. There was no taking it easy here as after the embarrassment of getting beaten by Jeremy at Monkhall I wasn't going to finish the year on that particular low, but after reaching the top of Hill 1 I risked a glance back and the old goat was right behind me. At the top of Hill 2 I new there was a technical descent but rest assured that if I fell there was plenty of mud around to cushion ones ass, so I threw caution to the wind and Mr Glass ankles himself managed to get a bit of breathing room, this was the particular over the next miles and climb, run hard over the top and gamble on the descent to try and get out of sight and out of mind.

After a while it was strung out enough that you relax and enjoy the race apart from the fact that in the back of your mind was wanting to make sure you were under 60 minutes and banking enough for the dreaded water tunnel which this year was particularly cold. I cant tell you how high the water was because everything went numb and blue, but it left my trainers sparklingly clean ready for the next race.

In the end I was comfortably under the 60 minute barrier with 57:15 and picking up Andy Moxons favourite position of 4th. The old goat then came in just over a minute behind in 5th and bagging himself a trophy as first old git.


Skirrid Fell Race

Seven Wye Valley Runners took part in the Skirrid Fell Race in a very wet underfoot, but otherwise clear crisp day. Ian Whistance set the pace at the start, with Mike Fawcett and Peter Nugent hot on his heels. On the main ascent Peter Nugent, (with expert navigational skills) took the lead with Mike Fawcett following closely behind making up ground on the tricky technical boulder field like a mountain goat. Jeremy Jehan powered up the final brutal ascent to the summit behind Dan Lewis, who used his impressive downhill form with a quick descent through heather. Steve Flowers, who despite the man flu he had a month ago , picked up a lot of pace through fields towards the finish. Peter Nugent maintained his impressive fell running form, coming home as the first WVR in 9th followed closely behind Mike Fawcett in 11th, with Ian Whistance 18th. Mike and Ian picking up the V48 and V45 prizes. Peter Nugent robbed of the SM prize by the winner. A good afternoon had by all. Well done WVR! Peter Nugent 9th Mike Fawcett 11th Ian Whistance 18th Dan Lewis 46th Steve Flowers 55th Jeremy Jehan 57th Steve Bedford 102nd

Courtesy of Peter Nugent


Howling Bull

Cakes !

Jan and Brian “persuaded “ me to enter this one , and they were quiet right to .

A proper trail race with all the mud , rocks and other things to put you on your bum if not watching your step .

After watching the canix race start which involves a lot of noise and much laughter ( don’t worry if you are not keen on dogs , they go 15 mins before us ) we began a couple of miles of slog , on and off road . Cake !

Once into the woods it was standard fair for such a race with twists and turns , roots and holes on a well planned and marshalled course.

Runners from some of the Welsh clubs which you might not normally meet in out league races make for new targets to chase .

On a couple of occasions, there is a view of where you have climbed which on a clear day like today was super . Cakes !

The choice of two routes in the last couple of miles adds a twist in the tail  .

The wooden medal will stand out on my rack .

They was 9 WVR out today with Jan and Brian collecting their age group prizes .  What DID that cider taste like Jan ?

Well done all .

Did I mention the cakes ?

Race Report by Simon Oliver




Conwy Half Marathon

The race starts and finishes at Conwy castle, and goes up a bloody big hill with fantastic views from the top of the Great Orme across the sea towards Anglesey and snowdonia. It is billed as the 3 Nations Championships, and you run under your countries flag (England, Wales, Scotland). The results are sorted according to overall position, age categories and gender, but also according to nationality as well. It’s a nice, friendly and well run race, organised by Run Wales.

Siân getting a course PB 2hrs 03 53
Tony 2 sec off his 1hr 43 36

Race Report by Tony Champken


Elan Valley 10

Three Wye Valley Runners set off to the Elan Valley on Saturday to take on the 10 Mile Road Race hosted by Rhayader Running Club.


What started off as a damp and dreary day cleared to reveal a beautiful autumnal landscape to take the runners minds away from the undulating roads ahead.


A fast downhill first mile wasn’t a reflection of the 9 miles to come. The course travels through quiet, relatively traffic-free country lanes (although there was a slight hold up for Bri who had to negotiate his way around the local Postie in his van). The scenery is something that you would expect to find in a cross country race minus the technical terrain and thick mud.


Lynne and Jan ran the majority of the race together – Lynne enjoying the hills and Jan taking the lead on the flat. Lynne pushed on at mile 9 and finished in a time of 1:26:42. Jan kept on Lynne’s heels finishing just 13 seconds behind in a time of 1:26:55. Bri, looking as cool as ever, completed the testing 10 miles in 1:31:32.


On race day parking is free at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre and runners can enjoy discounted hot drinks and soup in the Café post race whilst proudly wearing their finishers technical t-shirt. If you are looking for a challenging 10 mile road race with scenic views and a friendly atmosphere at only £12 (this year’s price) put this in your race diary for 2018.

Race Report by Becky Humphreys


Croft Castle XC

This page was created to record the exploits of Wye Valley Runners when they race all over globe, some reports will be to earn kudos for an exceptional performance, other reports will be to let fellow members know of a new race.

This one will definitely be a race you all know and most like me probably dread every. For the men its a 3 lap slog of 1 mile up hill and 1 mile down trail. The women still get away with one and half laps and also get to explore a bit more of the beautiful Croft grounds.

Both men and womens team went into this race in strong positions. The mens team holding a narrow lead over Maldwyn and the womens team narrowly behind Croft.

The race which as always had a delayed after a minutes silence was observed, even the noisy beagle stopped yapping for a minute. After that the race went off to a flyer, with the experienced runners wanting to get to the bottleneck first, and the inexperienced not realising whats to come, which led to a few runners almost taking a dip in the pond. Our very own Mike Fawcett must have got his toes wet at the start.

The top four Wye Valley men saw Christian Jones continue his vein of good form go off with the front group and almost stay in touch to stay to finish 8th in what is turning out to be a very strong mens field, followed closely by Mike Fawcett who after the first lap went on a charge and given another lap might have even caught the leaders. The hero of the summer league Sam Mayglothling came in 11th with Peter Nugent just behind, probably staying close so as to not get lost. That's a very strong score for the mens team. we have had our lead cut slightly but its still a lead.

The womens team just 6 points behind Croft were looking to close the gap, Laura Tootell came home 3rd in which was a really close race where only 1 minute separated the top 4. She was backed up by Juliet Moxon who finished 7th to show she has fully recovered from her marathon followed by another good run from Becky Ansfield in 11th.

The women have managed to keep themselves in touching distance of croft where the slightly longer courses of the next few races will really play in to there favour.

thanks to everyone who came out to support and stood at the top of Heartbreak Hill where you could catch us in all in our little worlds of torture, Hope to see you all and more of you at Monkhall in a few weeks time.

Steven Flowers