HIgh Vinnals XC results

Well done all in the first race of the season. All to play for as we move on to the next one - Abbeydore with WVR as hosts on 27th June.

Full results here

Team highlights:

5Sam MayglothlingWye Valley RunnersS.M.34.05

11Steve FlowersWye Valley RunnersS.M.35.24

15Dan LewisWye Valley RunnersMV4037.29

17Jeremy JehanWye Valley RunnersMV4537.33

19Richard WilliamsWye Valley RunnersS.M.37.44

20Lea WoodWye Valley RunnersS.M.37.52

21Peter NugentWye Valley RunnersS.M.38.01

28Ian WhistanceWye Valley RunnersMV4538.55

30Ian SockettWye Valley RunnersMV4539.03

39Ward LinneyWye Valley RunnersMV4040.09

44Laura Tootell  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4040.43

53David KlotzWye Valley RunnersS.M.41.36

72Becki Ansfield  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4043.38

82Becky Davies  ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.45.18

94James VidlerWye Valley RunnersMV5546.19

100Ryan CrichlowWye Valley RunnersS.M.46.59

105Lara Seal  ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.47.45

113Lynne Compton  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV5048.12

114Nigel JonesWye Valley RunnersMV6048.21

124Kelly Rose  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4049.27

126Malcolm EdwardsWye Valley RunnersMV4549.49

129Jan Edwards  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV6050.18

138Tony ChampkenWye Valley RunnersMV6052.35

139Emily Davies  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV3552.46

144Brian SymondsWye Valley RunnersMV7555.05

146Amy Gilligan  ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.55.27

147Robert GilliganWye Valley RunnersMV5055.27

152Louise Ainger  ***Wye Valley RunnersFV3556.55

158Becky Humphries  ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.58.52