Serious untoward incidents

At the December committee meeting a number of serious incidents, which had occurred some months previously, involving 2 club members at the time, were discussed. Although the previous committee had taken some action, as incoming Chairman, I felt that further measures were necessary. As a result the perpetrator has been expelled from the club and asked to refrain from further contact with any of our members.

The Committee went on to discuss how we can prevent other incidents in the future. Proposals will be discussed at the next Committee and there will be further posts on this subject as we agree the measures that we are going to take. In the meantime, I wanted all members to be aware that we have taken appropriate action in this specific case and that we will treat very seriously any other issues that are of concern to our members.

Part of Jan Edwards’ role as Welfare Officer is to be the first point of contact for any member who has a club-related matter, which they need to discuss or get advice on. You can approach Jan in complete confidence, if you are concerned or unsure of the appropriate course of action.

Martin Flowers